Ring of Dragon Scales

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Faragun thought himself invincible to the sword and spear, but even this mighty dragon was surprised by the heroes ingenuity and desire for his scales.

"How dare they cut small patches of scales off of me, they will burn for this!"

-Faragun the Mad Wyrm

Ring of Dragon Scales

+2 to Armor

+2 to Dragons breath weapons

+5 to others being jealous of you

A stunning addition to any hand, this ring has tension embedded zircon stones in its metal body. Is it fashionable? Yes! Its a stunning ring and a definite eye catcher sure to draw much attention. Can it be used as a weapon? I do not really need to answer that, i mean just look at the thing! This ring is of a unique design and style and will easily become your favorite piece of appendage adornment. 

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