Wyrms Treasure Wood Dice Case

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Long sought after, the Wyrms treasure holds untold riches known only to those that hold it

Dice, our precious collection of fate contained in polyhedral form. They hold the fate of our characters and must be treated with the respect they deserve. No longer must you carry them in paltry sacks of tearable cloth for now you may protect them with wooden walls and an easy to access sliding lid.  With the symbol of the dreaded wyrm on the box, arcane sigils protecting it from magical sight, and wood protecting it from physical harm this box is the perfect container for your fate.

Made from Laser cut plywood and carved with precision this box is expertly made and crafted. The easy to slide lid provides quick access to your hoard of dice, figures, or whatever else you may decide to protect. Its shipped unassembled so as not to damage the container but comes with the necessary items for construction. 

So gather your dice and prepare for adventure! and know that when you need them your polyhedral fate rocks will be well protected and transported in style with  the Wyrms Treasure Wood Dice Case!

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