Mausoleum Miniature with Tombstones and Sarcophagus

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The cemetery, a place for final rest, a place for mourning, and when the moon turns red, and the fog rolls in, a place for the dead to rise and terrorize the town.

Your adventurers reach a dark and foreboding mausoleum. What undead horrors await?

The roof can be removed to allow access to the coffins found within. It even has a secret entrance leading to the crypts inside of the sarcophagus. As with the rest of our dungeon line, these are designed to be modular and stylized to blend seamlessly with the rest of your collection. Everything is made of birch plywood which ensures durability and makes painting easy.

The set includes:
- Mausoleum Building with Removable Roof (battle can continue inside!)
- Door (can be opened or closed)
- Sarcophagus with Lid (has a secret entrance)
- 10 Tombstones (5 separate tombstone styles, two of each.)

The mausoleum measures approximately: 5" wide x 7" long x 5 1/2" tall
The tombstone measures approximately: 5" wide x 2" tall

Great to start your cemetery layout!



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