Area Spell Effect Template

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Have you ever been playing a good session of Pathfinder or Dungeons and Dragons when the wizard decided to cast multiple fireballs into a room full of creatures? Did you have to dig out the book after arguing about who and what was hit, waiting for the player to pick the perfect drop location and have to remeasure it 15 times so he didn't hit everyone in the party as well? With our Area Of Effect markers, you won't have to worry about that anymore. Make sure you're out of the way from now on! Next time you try to dodge an explosion, make sure you know what a "20 ft circle" really is in-game squares and how to find the origin point of the splash on a grid.

The perfect way to map out where your spells will hit in Dungeons and Dragons 5E, Pathfinder, and many other TTRPGs.

Some spells are hard to calculate the AoE on a square grid map. Use these Spell Marker Templates to place over your map and easily see what creatures or players are inside the spell's AoE.

The Spell Template Includes:
- 5' radius
- 10' radius
- 15' radius
- 20' radius
- 10' cube
- 20' cube
- 15' cone
- D12 scatter markers

The Cone Spell Template Includes
- 1 Area of Effect Template
- 1 Cloth for Cleaning

All Spell Markers are crafted with a scale of 1" = 5ft.


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