3D RPG Miniatures Ship Wood Laser Cut

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Sail the high seas of adventure on this massive multilevel ship map! Whether you are swashbuckler, a pirate, or a privateer, the CZYY RPG SHIP MODEL is a perfect way to help you fight boarding actions, fend off nefarious sea monsters, or travel between the great cities of the world!

This ship features 3 levels with 2.5" clearance on each level to accommodate the height of your D&D miniatures. All levels have a 1" square grid.

The ship is made from birch plywood with wooden supports with mortise-tenon connections - Easy to transport and put back together.

Dimensions: 23.4" x 6" x 5" (when assembled)


- 1 Lower Deck

- 1 Main Deck

- 1 Forecastle

- 1 Quarterdeck

- 1 Dragon Bow figurehead

- 5 Supports and 15 Wedges


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