3D Mage's Tower Battle Map

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Potent wizards locked away in their towers working on mighty magics... This is the way it has been in tales, and thus this is the way many wizards operate to this day. The Mage's Tower is such a wizard's tower, erected to provide a safe space for wizardly work far enough from civilization that no one should take too much interest, and defensible enough that if they do take interest there's very little they can do.

Fingers of otherworldly minerals reach up from the roof of the tower, drawing energies down from the ether into this world – charging strange magics and empowering spells beyond their normal boundaries.

The Mage's Tower is perfect as a centerpiece, for watching over Winterdale, or as a repository of dusty old scrolls for curious adventurers on the way to a dungeon. It is a fantasy-style building that can be used for role-playing or tabletop war games.

Whether you have a specific sort of location in mind for your D&D game or you simply need a quick adventure in a pinch, Wizard's Tower is a terrific resource. The tower is 16" tall and 7.3" in diameter(when assembled). Both the first and second floors are 3.8" high, the third floor is 4.8" high to accommodate the height of your minis. All levels have a 1" square grid. The ship is made from birch plywood with wooden supports with Tenon connections.


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