Darkvision Dice Set

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Find your way through the dark

You ever roll your dice and watch in horror as they roll off the table and under a couch, dresser, or the dreaded fridge? Now you have to embark in a quest to find said dice which may or may not be as hard as fighting a multi-headed Hydra. Well, make it easier on yourself with the Darkvision dice set! These good rolly bois glow in the dark, lighting your way to victory and ultimately recovering your precious dice.With 5 unique colors lighting your way its your choice as to how you want your dice to push back the darkness. Want to pierce through the veil and see through the dark? Darkvision is for you. Or do you want to illuminate your path? Torchlight is the way to go. No matter which you choose your path will be lit, with your Darkvision Dice Set!

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