Fort of the Spiral Eye - Dice Tray

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In a deep gorge between two mountains sits a lone fort

Guarded by ancient magics this fort is the perfect addition to your Tabletop RPG game. Never again worry about your dice rolling off the table and into the abyss. These four walls will hold in your dice all the while adding a cool aesthetic to your table. In addition you can hold your favorite figures or lucky dice on the 4 watchtowers in full display at your table. At 9 inches wide and nearly 3 inches tall this fort will hold many dice and give ample room for rolling. With detailed Stonework design, inside & out, and constructed of laser-cut, birch plywood this fort is great looking and durable. 

So don't wait! This fort will add to the aesthetic of any fantasy RPG game or war game at your table. Plus, who doesn't want to own a fort?

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