D20 Roller Ring

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Crevices, Cracks, Underneath the fridge. The pit of all D20

Ever lose your dice in the middle of a heated battle? The need for your favorite dice at the height of a pitched conflict is essential for all players, but the dread of watching your favorite rolly boy go off the table and into the wild blue yonder is the fear of everyone. Worry not with this D20 Roller Ring! Attached to your finger is your favorite d20. Roll with ease at the flick of a finger and take your dice wherever you go with this. You will surprise your fellow Tabletop Gamers, and the GM, with this ring.

Made from Titanium Steel and with a Tension Mount that allows the ring to spin with ease this ring is portable, easy to find, and is a damn cool addition to any wardrobe. Think of how much fun it would be to just spin your ring and flash that Nat 20 at your GM as you roll on your next turn. Will they be jealous? Of course!! All will envy your ring, your D20 Roller Ring!!

Size : 6,7,8,9,10,11,12

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